To complete the Team GB Challenge, you also need to download and install the Team GB Partner Challenge App.


A unique set of basic life skills are mastered by every athlete, even before they are selected to represent Team GB. This set of skills represents the core foundation on which extraordinary results are built and where balance is achieved. Mastering these skills allows athletes to perform at the highest level on their quest for Olympic gold.

As a valued member of our Team GB family, we are offering you the opportunity to learn about and develop these skills to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle as if you were an Olympian starting your own quest for gold.


You should have received a voucher code from your company contact that will allow you to register for the 2019 Team GB Partner challenge.

Each voucher will enable a team of five individuals to sign up, with one member being elected as the team leader.  Once you have signed up on the website, you will be able to download the app, log in, take your health check and then get yourself ready for the challenge.

Please use your individual promotion code to register for the Team GB Partner Challenge. Once registered you can download the app and start creating your team.

You can invite your colleagues to join with reference to your promotion code and this sign up page. Remember to tell your colleagues about the name of your team, so they know which team to join.

Note that you are allowed up to 10 people in a team, so you are able to independently allow others to join your team or combine forces with another five!

Important: Please note that registration for all participants of a team is only possible via the website and participation is limited to 10 persons per team!


Our support team will be pleased to answer your questions. Send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as fast as possible.