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Template for invitation

Dear Colleagues,

Team GB has invited us to join the Team GB Partner Challenge 2019. 

EVERYONE – no matter how fit or athletic they are, can join this challenge.

It is a four week challenge, where leading Team GB experts (coaches, training experts, nutritionists, motivation coaches etc.) will guide you to success.

The goal of the comprehensive campaign is to sustainably improve the health and lifestyle of each individual, to motivate teams and playfully challenge every Team GB Partner in a friendly competition.

Of course no personal health data will be made public or made available to our company!

As a team captain, I support this initiative and would be pleased if you became part of our team in the challenge. We are limited in places, so I strongly recommend a timely registration (registration deadline is 3 June).

And this is how it works:

  • Sign up at https://partnerchallenge.teamgb.com
  • Enter this voucher code (please insert) and register for free
  • Download the App, sign in and take a look around
  • Complete your profile and initial health check to get your daily points goal
  • Be ready to start reporting from the 3rd June

The Challenge starts on 3 June for all participating Team GB Partners. If you have any questions, please contact the campaign team at support@teamgb.com.

Kind regards

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