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Statement of consent for participation in Partner Challenge

Welcome to Partner Challenge. Partner Challenge is devised by/ 7peaks Global ApS (“7peaks”) in cooperation with the British Olympic Association (“Team GB”). Please read the following terms and conditions of use thoroughly before signing up as participant in Partner Challenge.

Your use of this platform (whether accessed by mobile application or website) requires your acceptance of a number of rules and conditions, which will be accounted for below. Should you come across anything in these conditions which you cannot accept, you must leave the site by closing your browser. If you choose to leave the site, you will not be able to complete the digital health check offered by Partner Challenge.

By accepting these terms of use and guidelines regarding the handling of personal data, you declare that 7peaks can handle and save partly various personal information, which is entered at registration, and partly the health data, which is registered in connection with the health check, along with other possible data entered for Partner Challenge under existing laws. Please read our guidelines and statement of consent below.

Statement of consent and confidentiality

Team GB and 7peaks wish to protect your privacy in the best way possible. Therefore we have established a number of guidelines for the handling of your personal information, which you must accept before using Partner Challenge.

When you sign up, the personal information which you choose to give is registered in a closed database with 7peaks. This information is saved from the moment, you register. We reserve the right to contact you (sms text message, e-mail, phone) in connection with your participation in Partner Challenge.

7peaks will save your information and your data in complete confidence under existing laws. 7peaks will NOT disclose your personal information (data and health information) to your workplace or other third party without your express permission. Your data is saved until the Partner Challenge is terminated. After the campaign is terminated, your data will be anonymised.

You can contact 7peaks at any time and ask us to delete all data registered about you and your participation in Partner Challenge, in which case we will do so within 30 days.

Your data may form part of various statistics, research, or tendency assessments at a generally aggregated (accumulated) and anonymous level. Likewise, your data will be used in an anonymised and aggregated form, along with the data of all the other participants, in an anonymous report to Team GB and as part of the motivational communication via newsletters during the campaign. This accumulated, anonymised overview is given to Team GB for the purpose of providing insight into the total state of health of all the participants, thus making it possible to implement further relevant activities, which may assist in preventing and treating the health of the users. In this case, your personally identifiable data will be removed.

Your information is saved in a safe data environment located in Denmark. Even though we protect your data, we cannot provide you with a 100% guarantee against violations, including possible attacks from hackers and viruses. Similarly, we cannot provide a guarantee against the consequences of a possible security breach, and we can in no way be under liability thereof. In the event that a security breach takes place, however, and your personal data will be or is likely to be affected, we will contact you to explain the breach and the steps we have taken or will take in respect of such breach.

All direct communication between you and the experts from 7peaks is saved electronically, and the experts are subject to duty of confidentiality.

Special conditions for participants in Partner Challenge

General information on the site cannot replace actual professional guidance or treatment by an authorised doctor or other relevant professional treatment providers.

Articles, newsletters, recipes, and other campaign content is of a general nature which cannot replace the individual advice and treatment of professional treatment providers.

Content posted by practitioners on Partner Challenge is intended to be generalised information aimed at promoting positive changes to behaviours and enhancing wellbeing. It is not intended to be medical advice or instructions for medical diagnosis or treatment, and no physician-patient relationship is, or is intended to be, created by content provided on this platform. You agree and acknowledge that:

  • Content (including articles, newsletters, recipes, wall posts etc) is not a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment.
  • You should not delay or forego seeking treatment for a medical condition or disregard professional medical advice based on any content which is posted
  • You should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare professional before starting or changing treatment.
  • Content should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease without supervision of a doctor or qualified healthcare provider.
  • Content does not recommend or endorse any tests, physicians, products, procedures, opinions or other information.
  • Content is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration or any state or national medical board.

Information posted to Partner Challenge publicly or sent in an unsolicited message to an expert is not confidential and does not establish a physician-patient relationship without the express consent of the expert. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or your local emergency number (999 in the United Kingdom) immediately.

Neither 7peaks, Team GB or their employees, practitioners, writers, business partners, nor other contributors of general content on this site can be made directly or indirectly liable for all or any possible consequences of the use, or non- use, of general information, advice or content.

Your use of information on the platform

All rights to the site content is the property of 7peaks or Team GB and may not be copied, sold, distributed, or reproduced without written permission.

However, you are allowed to print the content for private, non-commercial use, provided that the content is not edited in any way, just as you must print these terms of use and attach them so that there can be no doubt as to the conditions for the use of the content to anyone who may receive it.

These terms may be changed at any time. If this happens, you will find the changes on this page of the site. Your data are only covered by and can only be used in accordance to the terms as they were drawn up at the time of your acceptance of the terms.

If you experience problems with the functions of Partner Challenge, please contact partner.challenge@teamgb.com or gdpr@7peaks.dk

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